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  Features Managing Energy

Using the Green Living Technology rButler will save between 10% to 30% in home energy use.  Think how much energy that would conserve. 

Features that make rButler with rHome more efficient:   

  ●  Monitors current time, date and local weather conditions
●  No need to adjust for changes in daylight savings time
●  Not effected by power outage
●  Intelligent as well as programmable 
●  Modifies energy usage based on the season
●  Refines home temperature regulation, saving money
●  Improves thermostat operation, saving energy
●  Climate adjustments regulated by season
●  Irrigation modified daily based on weather conditions
●  No more watering in the rain. Additional water when hot.
●  Features that minimize over saturation and water runoff
●  Easy real time temporary adjustments
●  Adapts to the simple residential home lifestyle
●  Online support that further regulate energy usage

The rHome with rButler brings a new technology perspective to home energy management. 


How It Works - Click Here    

      Low Cost, Easy Setup and Simple User Operation.

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Residential energy management for green living