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  Company Mission
  Green Living Technology has recognized home automation is developing rapidly.  Custom home electronics, automation and home networking is expected to grow from 9.8 billion dollars, currently, to 17.4 billion by 2012.  Green Living Technology plans to own a piece of this growth.  Our business model represents a mass market plan for online distribution of energy management and home automation products. 

Our company assets and achievements include:

  ● Experienced Team
● Developed Product
● Phased Funding Plan
● Brand Development Strategy
● Defined Distribution Channels
● Manufacturer Partner with OEM Programs
● Robust Direction to Compete, Set Trends and Expand Worldwide
● Patentable Technology that will Contribute to Future Growth
  At Green Living Technology we are not only dedicated to saving the home money, we also operate with the mission to preserve the earth's resources and to protect our natural environment.

Green Living Technology is located in Discovery Bay, California.  We plan to grow our business locally and provide jobs for our talented community.  We expect to service homes across the country in going green, thus returning gold.

Executive Summary Upon Request   

      Mass Market Appeal with Great ROI for Users

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